The Benefits of Buying a Domain with Shopify

domain name from Shopify

Most online shop owners do not like the idea of being tethered to any hosting or domain company such that they cannot move to another e-commerce platform should they choose to.

When it comes to domains, Shopify does not make any attempt to hem you into an undesirable partnership. This means that even if you opt to buy your domain from Shopify, you always reserve the right to be hosted by any other e-commerce platform other than Shopify should you choose to.

Custom domains from Shopify cost $11 and upwards per year. One of the reasons most entrepreneurs opt for Shopify domains is the ease of set up and configuration. The domain is set up for you, and the beauty is you keep ownership even if you choose to leave the Shopify platform at some point.

A Shopify domain is registered for one year so you would have to renew every year for the domain to remain active. You can always cancel your Shopify domain or online store at any point should you wish to do so.

How to buy a domain name from Shopify

  1. Go to Shopify ‘Admin’, then proceed to ‘online store’»’Domains.’
  2. Proceed to ‘buy new domains’ and click on it
  3. On the domain search field that appears, enter the domain name that you desire to buy
  4. This will lead to you to an extensive list of extensions that you can peruse. The extension options will include dot com, dot biz as well as many others including country extensions such as dot or to name a few.

The prices vary, so it’s important to note the corresponding cost to the extension that you choose before making your final decision.

Extensions also include premium ones such as dot blackfriday or dot cyber Monday.

  1. Click on the ‘buy’ tab next to the domain that you choose to buy.
  2. A purchase summary will come forth before purchase. Review carefully and note that your email will be used to pay renewal fees.

In case you want the domain auto-renewed every year, there is an option for automatic renewal at this point. This is great because you would not have to worry about down times on your site as a result of late payment for annual renewals.

  1. If it looks great, go ahead and click on ‘buy’ to finish the purchase. A Shopify e-mail confirmation will be sent to your email as proof of purchase. The domain can take as long as 48 hours from the time of purchase to become active.


Finding and buying a domain name with Shopify is super easy, and it comes already configured and set up. Canceling or migrating to another hosting platform is equally easy too. This is the flexibility that Shopify offers.

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