Best Free Domain Generators

Free Domain Generators

Finding a domain to start your online business is not all that hard. However, finding an available domain name that you prefer can be a tricky affair. The reason is simple: for any domain idea that you come up with, it is highly probable that someone somewhere already thought of it and implemented it before you.

So when doing your search on the availability of a preferred domain, it is best not to get your hopes too high because it’s very likely that someone else already beat you to the party. In case your preferred domain name is already taken up, consider it a start.

Domain generators can help you to find a perfect domain for your business

By using a domain name generator, you can get numerous variations to the one that you already have that might resonate well with you.

Domain name generators help you generate an available domain that is relevant to your business. This service is usually free. Type the core words of your business such as ‘smith apparel’ in the domain generator’s search box, and it will go ahead and generate a series of domains relevant to your entry for you to choose from.

You’ll be able to see which domains are available and which ones are not. To find an available domain name, the domain generator takes the words you type on the search box, and its algorithms add thousands of prefixes and suffixes to your keyword and display the results ranging from the shortest possible to the longest.

If you see one you like you can go ahead and purchase. Just remember to stick to the rule of thumb of avoiding symbols and numbers and keeping the domain short, memorable and relevant to your business.

When you might need to use a domain generator

  • When you need to set up a new blog and have no clue what name to use
  • If you are looking to set up an online store or a website
  • You are blank on domain ideas
  • When your preferred domains are already taken

Here are some free domain name generators that you can try out:

  • Shopify
  • Lean domain search
  • Bust a name
  • Nameboy
  • Name mesh
  • Domain bot

If you are looking to set up an online store, the best option is Shopify as you can search and purchase available domains and take advantage of other related tools to help you set up your online store. With the right domain generator, finding a domain name and setting up your online store is pretty easy.