Buying a Domain with Shopify is a Breeze

Buying a Domain with Shopify is a Breeze

If you’ve had a difficult time finding an available domain and purchasing one before, then you ought to consider finding and buying a domain with Shopify the next time around.

When you are starting an online store for the first time, you can save your time and unnecessary headache by trying out Shopify.

Why you should consider using Shopify

There are several reasons as to why Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce platform that has all the tools you need when it comes to setting up an online store.

1. Domain name generation

Finding a domain name that is suitable for your online business isn’t always a breeze. You would be lucky if you can come up with a domain all by yourself that is not already taken up.

But all is not lost if the ones you come up with are not available. This is because they can always be tweaked until you arrive at one that is available and relevant to your business.

Shopify can assist you in searching for availability on the domain names that you have suggested. If you are blank on domain ideas, it does not hurt to seek some help from a competent machine. Shopify’s domain generator only requires you to enter the keywords of your business, and it will do the rest.

Based on your business core words, Shopify domain generator comes up with helpful domain suggestions that you may find suitable. So why lose time when you can find an effectively available domain within a matter of seconds. What’s even better is the fact that you can purchase it instantly and get on with it.

2. Easy domain management

Managing your new found domain is made very easy by Shopify. The reason being the fact that the configuration set up is fully automated. This means no backend tinkering on your part as everything is all set up for you. Aspects such as email forwarding and domain renewal for your store are also equally easy to handle with Shopify.

3. Website building

After purchasing a domain, you will need to build your online store or website. The great thing about using Shopify is that you do not have to look for another e-commerce platform to build your online store. This is because Shopify is equipped with amazingly easy to use web building tools and has super secure payment gateways.


For entrepreneurs looking to set up an online store, Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce platform that makes domain finding and buying a breeze in addition to helping you come up with a beautiful storefront.